Updates (December 2012)

For you to know what are the fanfics that were updated for this month,
just look at the moving banners. :)


Merry Christmas! Love is in the air for every couple most especially these two. :P I have been busy with my book: Melody in my Heart. I tried to finish it, but I maybe able to release it next year. hehe. sorry for the delay. Oh Also! You can buy the book from me for only 20 dollars now! (just direct to me ok? not to the publishing house) If you have any questions feel free to contact me chette_d@hotmail.com


And since Melody in my heart is already a book, so I stopped updating it on Fanfiction.net. So if you want to know the continuation, just buy the book. (It is going to have a different plot, more excited than before!)


Don't forget if you want to find out the latest about my S+S Fanfics just go to Chette @ Fanfiction.net or Join Chette FanPage FB. The Latest Updates will be posted there, and we will also get to know each other better! :)


Also I will take this oppurtunity to plug my Melody in my heart book. We have reprint more books so they are still available. This book is different than the fanfic, if you are totally an avid fan of MIMH the fanfic you will notice that there are loopholes in the story, well the BOOK will answer those questions ;)

- Chette Dizon

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