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Updates: (February 2013)

Updates (Fanfics):


Chapter 8: No Divorce
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"Have you seen your wife?" she asked, again. Ranma started eating his noodle and nodded. "How was the reunion?"


Ranma swallowed the ramen and looked at Colonge, "Hmm.. where do I start.. the first time I've seen her.. she offered me a divorce." he nodded and then took a sip of the soup. "Ahhh.. nothing beats this shop when it comes to Chinese noodles." he murmured.


Mousse blinked, "But.. I know that Akane still loves Ranma-"


Colonge sighed as she interrupted Mousse. "You can't blame Akane... she's terribly hurt."


Shampoo frowned, "But Akane can forgive Ranma, even Ranma left her right?"


Ranma grimaced, he shifted on his seat. "Well.. I guess, she could forgive me for that... but what she can't forgive me.. is that.. somehow.. I ended.. up with another.. fiancee in my hand." he looked at everyone, who were looking at him confused. "I am engaged to an Italian girl."


Their jaw dropped.


Till I met you
Chapter 22: The Amazon Woman
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"Well Saotome... With you and your son in this house...there's never.. a dull moment. I'm so glad you're here... " Soun said, while crying.


Kasumi looked at Nabiki counting money, then at Akane who was sitting quietly in the corner. She frowned. "Akane, are you okay? You've very quiet." she asked.


The truth is that, ever since she carried that big boulder to throw at Ranma, she felt her body ache with pain, but she wouldn't say anything to her family or else.. She stood up, "I am going now to my room."


"Are you sure you're okay? You look a little pale." Kasumi asked, looking worried at her. That caught the attention of the family so they all turned to Akane.


She wasn't okay, far from it, but she didn't really want to tell her family because she knew that if they know, the situation would make it worse and not better. "I'm fine.." she said, carefully she went out of the room. She paused downstairs and took a deep breath. She used a lot of energy ever since that Amazon Woman came earlier "Come on Akane, you became strong right?" She clutched her chest. Her heart was racing and she was breathing heavily, "No please not now..."

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Day 10: Apollo and Ranma
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


Apollo looked at Nabiki, "I wanted to Save Akane, because I want her to be happy with Ranma. My power may not be permitted to be used to bring her back to life... but I already decided... that I will use my final power to bring her back." Apollo turned to Ranma. "Ranma.. do you trust me... that I will bring her back to you?"


Ranma turned to him, emotionless.


"Ranma.. meeting you.. guys.. I've learned not only to Love... but to cherish everyone.. family.. friends.. love ones... The very first day.. you encountered me, you did not hesitate to help me... and I am going to repay you."


Ranma didn't say anything, he just turn his face to Akane again.


"Ranma.." Apollo closed his eyes and fell his tears flow. After a few minutes, he decided to leave. As he slumped in front of the Dojo's door after he closed it, he felt Orpheus' presence.




Apollo looked at Orpheus, "I will go to the underworld and talk to hades."


Chapter 6: The Divorce
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


Ranma snapped his arm away from her, "Don't put words in my mouth Akane. I've never said that I want this."


"You are engaged-"


"Just engaged... Not married to her... Not having relationship to her..." he begun to tremble, feeling the bitterness, guilt and hurt as he realized that the divorce is being in the process "...Just engaged! Like Shampoo and Ukyo before! Just engaged!" he yelled in frustration. "But did I choose them? NO! I CHOSE YOU!"


"We had no choice! I was already pregnant!" Akane yelled.


Now people stopped what they are doing, hearing the commotion between them.


Ranma could feel that he could cry any minute so he turned away. "Just... forget it.. alright Akane? you don't understand... you NEVER WANT to understand." he stormed out of the courtroom, leaving a dumbfounded Akane.


Akane trembled, "YOU WERE THE ONE WHO LEFT!" she yelled. But Ranma was long gone when she yelled the words.


Chapter 7: Her Savior
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


She was about to apply a mascara when she heard the entrance door opened. She pulled back from the mirror quickly and run to greet her dad. "Hi Dad where have you been? Its already passed midnigh-" she blinked, seeing his dad walking like as if he just got back from cloud nine. "Hmm..." she gasped, "DAD!"


Ranma sighed happily and went straight to his room, he threw himself on the bed and was about to close his eyes when he heard Rane yelling.




"Yeah?" he asked.


"Are you okay?" she asked, frowning. "Where did you go? Don't tell me you went to some girl's place and had fun!"


Ranma smirked, Like mother, like daughter. Always jumping to conclusions... Akane..."It was fun alright..." he said, giggling like a teenager.




Who will give in?
Chapter 15:  The Engagement
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"I see..."


"Besides.. he has a fiancee.."


"he does?"


She drew a breath into her painfully tight chest as she remembered Ms. Ukyo Kounji. "Yeah..."


"Well.. let's see what will happen in the future.. besides..." he leaned on her, "You are his fiancee too."


"Which he dumped-"


"Not really. The engagement is on." Soun smirked.


"How can that be?" Akane asked, flustered.


"Ask Ranma, he was the one who suggested it."

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Part twenty: Mr. Sanders' Past
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"Ranma!" Akane cried, shocked at his tone. "You need to relax."


"Need to relax?!" Ranma stood up, and then paced left and right in front of her. "Why are you saying that Akane? You were the one who decided to defeat her! and in order for you to defeat her, you have to kill her!"


"Are you sure you want me to kill her?" she asked, looking at him. "she is not a monster." she added, then lowered her head and gave a dejected sigh.


"If you want to spare your life, you have to kill her."


Akane murmured, "But I just want to defeat her... not kill her." she shook her head. "There has to be a way-"


"She killed Katie. She almost killed you. Why do you hesitate to kill her?" Ranma asked.


"What about you?"

"What about me?"



Day 9: Apollo and Zeus
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


But before Apollo could use his last power an evil presence enveloped the whole throne room, and the door opened widely. Ranma walking towards them while dragging a beaten Hercules. His eyes were red. "Ranma!" he yelled. Ranma seeing Zeus his eyes became more red and threw Heracles towards them. Zeus raised his arm, and a unseen force caught Heracles before he could hit the floor. "Ranma! Why are you here?" Apollo asked.


"To Kill Zeus." he said, his voice wasn't his usual voice. Something evil and scary voice came out of his mouth.


Orpheus stepped forward, "Ranma, listen... it wasn't grandfather who did that to Akane. We can prove it."


But Ranma wasn't listening, he started to raise his hand, and a chi-ball appeared on his hand. "MOUKO... TAKAHABISHA!" he yelled as the blast left his hands.


The Blast though vanished before it attack the throne room because the supreme Deity gods and goddess re-appeared in front of Apollo, Orpheus and Zeus, the supreme gods and goddess lead by the Warrior Athena held up her sword and pointed it at behind Ranma. "Intruder."


Chapter 4: Clarity of feelings
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"I... need you to free your schedule this Saturday."


"For what?" Ranma asked, although he was free ever since he came to Japan.


She looked at him directly. "For our divorce."


He felt a surge of anger spilled into a bitter outpouring. "What do you mean by that?" Ranma asked softly but gritting his teeth.


"I filed a divorce since you do not want to give me those papers to sign, I will help you and Miss Vellutini to make the divorce faster..." she looked down. "We will be in the courtroom on Saturday for that-"


"I don't want it. I didn't ask for a divorce." he argued in a gentle soothing tone. God, oh how he is controlling his anger since Akane decided to talk in public.


"You don't want a divorce?" she asked, there was a bit of awkward confusion and mockery in her face. "But you are engaged."


"Which is as usual, not for my liking." he said, grimly. "It has always been.. not my liking." he finished with a growl.


Chapter 5: Her Bitterness
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


Ranma growled, "Well I am just glad that Rane isn't like you either. She is not violent."

"Dad!" Rane yelled at Ranma.

"Oh yeah? At least my son is not just a martial artist but he is very intelligent. He won many achievements in physical and mental contests. But of course you were not there to witness it." she said, her voice raising up.

".. Mom..." Rane sighed.

"Well my daughter may not have achievements like Akaran, but she does have few of her own and she is matured at her age. Unlike her mother who always jump to conclusions!" Ranma growled.

"Dad..." Rane shook her head.

"At least Akaran isn't stupid like you!"

"Well I raised Rane into a fine woman unlike you!"

"ENOUGH BOTH OF YOU!" Rane yelled, now standing up. Ranma and Akane blinked and looked at her. "Can we have a nice family dinner?" she asked.

Updates: (February 2012)

Updates (Fanfics):


Chapter 3: Cruel Comprehension
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"S-She's still using Saotome and not Tendo?" She asked, before the woman could walk away.


"Yes. As always. Our boss is Akane Saotome." the lady replied.


"Why?" Ranma asked.


The lady hesitated at first, but then she smiled. "Well since you saved my effort and practically my job... I can tell you something but you promise me, you'll never tell this to anyone alright?"




"I don't know what's the name of the husband.. all I know, he's a Saotome.. since her name is Akane Saotome." she said, shrugging. "According to my information... Ms. Akane is still deeply in love with her husband, and she's waiting for him for the past twelve years. I don't know why he left her though.. maybe he went to military? anyway.. this makes poor Akiko-san heartbroken, our other boss is in love with her"


She gaped at her, Akane still loves me? But- She felt warm, her heart beat increasing. "But she told me she didn't want to see me?"


The lady blinked, "Huh?"


"uh.. never mind..." Ranma said, frowning.

Chapter 21: Fuurinkan High Valentines Day (Valentines day special)
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"Look, why are you so bothered by Kasumi's matchmaking?" he asked, curiously.


Akane rubbed her neck, "I was.. I was not... I was just..." she countered. "I mean.. you were Nabiki's fiance.. and you are like a brother to me and I..I.." she stuttered in silence.


Interesting... It seems that she looks flustered and tongue-tied. It was the perfect condition that made him want to smile but he controlled it. "Hai? I am listening." he prompted, enjoying the atmosphere.


"I mean, that is...and I.. would want to inherit the Dojo but I can't and I.. you.. we..." she stopped again and lifted her shoulders in a helpless shrug.


"I know how much you love the Dojo."


"Yes! but I can't.. and I.. and.. well you on the other hand.. I mean.. you and I.. we... are not..." she stuttered into silence a third time.


Ranma couldn't control his grin anymore, "Why not?"


She sat down on her bed and ran her palms over her thighs in a nervous gesture, but with a determined face she looked up at him. "I won't live long." she said. Maybe the truth might hurt to say but I had enough of the matchmaking and the pity gestures. "You and I... and everyone know that."


Ranma's grin faded.

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Chapter 2: Coming back to Japan
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"Don't you think it's about time to go to Japan and ask for a divorce?" she asked, Rane frowned.


"How can we get married if you won't divorce your wife? It has been twelve years! Ranma!" she said, sighing.


Rane fought hard to control her temper. She knew she could trust her father. But if not... she shook her head and just studied the two of them exchanging words.


"Gina.. I am still not sure if I am ready to see my wife again.." he said, resisting the strong impulse to yell. "B-Besides.. we still have to worry about making a very beautiful website right?" he asked,


"Well.. how about I quote, 'Two birds in one stone?' darling?" she asked,


"What do you mean?"


"Since we need the best webmaster for our website, I have an appointment with her on Saturday.. but you go instead." she said, fluttering her lashes. "You might as well, make her sign the divorce paper then"


"Wa-wait a minute are you saying that-"


"Yes. Your wife is the best webmaster I've known for this generation."



Miracle of Love
Part 14:  The County Inn
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


Ranma coughed and cleared his throat. "Anyway, we've done this for many times in the past right?" he asked, "I mean... we've slept on the same room..."


"That's different."


He raised his eyebrows. "How so?"


Her chin titled a fraction higher. "First it was my bedroom, and I have my wooden sword and my barbells-"


"You have your mallet everywhere you go, so don't worry about that." he said with a frown.


Akane frowned, "and second, we were engaged."


"Aren't we-"


"The last time I know, we broke our engagement because you wanted a time-out since you and Ukyo had a heart to heart talk!"


"That was in the past Kawaiikune! Ukyo is now happily married with Ryoga" His face was impassive.


"It was in the past yes. But are we engaged tonight?" she asked, while glaring at him. "No. we're not."


"But we are acting as a couple.. a married couple." he informed her solemnly.


10 days with Apollo
Day 7: Apollo and Akane
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


"There is a cliff there." Aphrodite pointed at the cliff, "To be with Ranma, jump off the cliff." Her words were delivered precisely, as icy as the metallic gold of Apollo's eyes.


"Aphrodite!" Apollo yelled, pain sliced through him. "You just can't-"


"This is Akane's decision not yours." Aphrodite said, as she stared at the other god.


Akane froze for a second, her brain stopped and her soul froze as she stared at the cliff. In order for her to save Ranma, she has to go to the underworld. But she has to die first. She closed her eyes and saw Ranma's smiling face. Then she heard Apollo,


"Aphrodite. This is insane! Even though she loves Ranma so much, she couldn't possibly- Akane!"

Apollo yelled when he saw her took a step towards the cliff.


She lifted one clenched fist, "All I have to do is jump off the cliff right?"




She bit her lip and jumped off the cliff.



Updates: (December 2011)

Updates (Fanfics):


Who will give in?
Chapter 14:  New years at the Tendos
A Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2) fanfic


And now for the Spoilers!


Akane hugged herself, "Hentai! I am not a cheap whore-"


"As a matter of fact, you are quite expensive-"


"Ranma no Baka!" she shouted, uncaring who might hear or come running to see what was going on. "You maybe the high and mighty Ranma Saotome but I will never succumb to you! I don't know why you're so mad at me in the first place!" she sucked in breath to stop her angry tears before rushing on. "You're a cruel and a bitter man! You're disgusting and conniving! unselfish and egoistic!" she yelled.


A muscle ticked in his jaw as he glared at her. But there was something in his hard stare had changed. "Fine. Thanks for telling me that." he said, "But you are horrible woman as well. You stood me up and went with Ryoga-"


"I didn't-"


"You don't have to explain everything because I know the truth." He leaned towards her, "But always remember Akane... I don't like to lose. I always win."


Akane looks confused, what the hell was he talking about? he was the one who betrayed her. "You want to know why I stood you up?" she asked.